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What is EMMa?

EMMa is a user-friendly mapping application created by ECDC to support epidemiologists and public health professionals worldwide. You can use EMMa without owning any GIS software and without the need to manually process complex geo-spatial data. EMMa also provides a geocoding tool to facilitate mapping of national and subnational areas worldwide. Free registration is required.

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Data requirements:

  • Data must be uploaded in a tabular CSV format file.
  • The CSV file must include either geocodes or coordinates for the areas to be mapped.

Supported browsers:

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer 11

You don't know how to geocode your data? You can use the EMMa CSV template to add global geocodes to your CSV file.

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With EMMa you can:

Map data at national and subnational level, based on the NUTS territorial units for statistics from EUROSTAT for European Union countries, and the GAUL administrative units from UN-FAO for the rest of the world, together with GADM and OpenStreetMap (Administrative boundaries: © EuroGeographics © UN-FAO © Turkstat © GADM © OpenStreetMap). Disclaimer
Generate polygon and point symbol maps choosing from different methods of data classification, data symbolisation and colour codes.
Combine multiple layers in the same map.
Export maps (image and vector format) for reports and presentations
Create EMMa map projects that can be saved, updated and shared.
Browse public GIS servers and access ready-to-use map services.
Search and display locations of interest.
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